Juniper Domantay, originally from Manila, Philippines, is a wedding and portrait photographer based in Milford, Connecticut. He graduated with a college degree in Business Administration major in Management. He worked as Materials Management/ Inventory in one of the prestigious Universities in Manila, Philippines before settling to United States in 2008. He loves to travel enjoys capturing the fun and special bond with his family and the beauty of the nature and different structure of the places they visit.  This started his passion with photography.  He went to New York Institute of Photography in late 2013 and increased his knowledge and skills by attending different seminars and workshops in New York City each year.

He is a member of WPPI since 2016 up to present and a NYI PhotoWorld Magazine official photographer.

Fine art and strobist photography (flash) is his approach in creating great photos. It enables him to capture professional looking portraits by using numbers of flashes-off camera with color gels when shooting events.

Juniper love outdoor and natural light. The significance of backgrounds should never be underestimated when shooting portraits outdoors. It is important to use what is available to its maximum potential on every  shoot, whether it’s a park bench, warehouse door, brick wall, yard or the sky—to add context and drama to his shots. Aside from his passion in photography, he loves working with people.  He sets an atmosphere that will make the bride and groom feel comfortable and confident while working on capturing their  precious moments.   Wedding pictures are solid proofs of the lifetime commitment  you want to cherish forever. They are the visual memory of your wedding, one wants to capture in a beautiful perfect way.